Chrome Press is the small publishing company that produced both of John Kilroy’s books of poems. The newest book, published this year, is “Proof of Flight.” The 234-page book features two books in one: “How The Asphalt Can Dream You Up” and “Wrongly Enchanted We.” To purchase the book, go to its site on Amazon.com.

“Proof of Flight” can also be purchased from Blurb.com as an ebook, available for Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers.

The first book of Kilroy’s poems was “Torque.” The 252-page book is actually three poetry books in one: “Last Casino Page,” “Monkey In The Cadillac” and “I Wrench The Paradise.” The book is available for sale on Amazon.com. Click here to purchase “Torque.”

John Kilroy was the featured contemporary poet in the book, “Zero Break–An Illustrated Collection of Surf Writing, 1777-2004.”

At Chrome Press, we believe poetry can rearrange your molecules. Poetry is star travel and genetic engineering—distance and DNA. You’ll never step into a larger room than a poem on a page.

Go tell your wild best friend.